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The Casinos in SihanoukVille, Cambodia.


Holiday Palace Casino
SihanoukVille's oldest casino, at a new location, right on Independence Beach..

Queenco Casino
Right inside Victory Beach Hotel

Fortuna Casino
on the Golden Lions Circle. 

Kampong Som City Casino & Hotel
SihanoukVille's local casino.  

Sokha Vegas at Sokha Resort
Chinese Oriented. SihanoukVille's Premier Seaside resort

Golden Sea Hotel & Casino
Resort hotel near Victory Beach

Diamonond Sea Casino
at Diamond Sea Hotel on Victory Hill

* The Rich Resort
on Victory Beach

The Majestic
Chinese Oriented On Victory Hill

* Bao Mai Resort
Chinese Oriented On Ocheteaul Beach

* Golden Royal Hotel - Chinese Oriented.  Right on Hawaii Beach

* Lion City Casino - Ocheteaul Beach

* New Macau Casino - Chinese oriented (of course)  Ocheteaul Beach

* Golden Sea Royale (or Grandstarz Royale Holding) - Chinese oriented.  inside the Golden Sea Hotel & Casino

* The Sun Will - inside Queenco Tower Hotel - (for Chinese customers only, not for anyone else)

* Ya Dou Li Casino and Hotel - Chinese oriented.  Ocheteaul Beach

* Bao Du Casino - Downtown

Super Rich Casino Resort - Sokha Beach (Open Soon?)

* JB Casino - Ocheteaul Beach (Open Soon!)

* WM Casino - (Open Soon?) - Serendipity Beach

* White Sand Palace - Ocheteaul Beach

* Bao Long Casino Chinese oriented.  (at Ya Duo Li)   Ocheteaul Beach

* Victory Paradise Casino Resort - Top of Victory Hill

* King Casino - Downtown.  Note: Not allowed to wear eye glasses in the casino!

* New Golden Wealth Casino - Downtown

* Sun City Casino - Ocheteaul

We can't say here, but a few bars around town have Texas Hold'em Poker games on certain nights of the week.