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Black Jack .... Roulette .......  Baccarat ...... Poker ..... Slots ....... The Fishing Game..... International Live Betting..... Tiger Dragon.... Niu Niu..... and many others.

SihanoukVille's gambling selection is growing up! 

From 1 cent slot bets to multi-thousand dollar baccarat hands, you can find most standard casino games here. 

Casino's in SihanoukVille all pay out in U.S. dollars, but a host of major currencies are taken in exchange.  Euros, Yen, Thai Baht, Yuan are all accepted.  Even the Cambodian Riel.  Your best bet is to use U.S. dollars or Chinese Yuan, if you have them.

All the casino's here require you to change in your money for chips at the bankers cash in window, and not at the tables.  Many casinos use U.S. dollars (even dollar bills) or Khmer Riel right at the table. Some casinos take Chinese money as well

The machines are now all coinless.

Odds and table rules vary slightly between the casino's, so be sure to ask, or sit back and drink a free beer and watch for a while, while you learn the house rules.

All the casino's in SihanoukVille give comp drinks, smokes, and meals.  They will also comp you a free room and other special services if you notify them when changing in your money (usually $300 and up).

We have a few dozen banks here in town, international money transfer services, and over 100 ATM machines, so you're never out of money.

Rooms at the casinos generally start at o $45 a night.  And rooms around the casinos go for as little as $29 a night or as much as $2,000.  Several of the new casinos have rooms only for gamblers.  If you're coming on a holiday, be sure to reserve a room in advance.